Friday, July 16, 2010

Did you get an author invite?

If so, it's because we want you to be able to follow blog posts and writing excerpts, post messages to us as we work, or include your own work along with us!

If you don't know already, our Open Circle Story team retreat won't start until mid-August, and will then run into early September. So why are we starting the blog now? Because SOME of us are toeing the start-line: leading a base so to speak. Yes indeed, some of us (*cough* Jeff Geiger *cough*) are already on the SECOND DRAFT of their novels!

So, become an "author" of our blog (or just hit the "follow" button, instead), be our friend, follow our efforts, and flood us with effusive praise!

Also, spread the word! Invite your friends! LET'S GO VIRAL!